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Our History

Our society has changed significantly throughout the past decades. People routine is continually reshaping making them change their consumer behavior alongside. It seems that the time of fast food meals and sweet beverages is gradually passing away. Today’s consumers are more active and health-conscious. They want to keep fit and healthy and perform considerable efforts to reach this goal. They expect their menu to meet their lifestyle concept – it is supposed to comprise tasty and nutrient-enriched food. Meanwhile, it appears that the catering system of Al-Ain city fails to fulfill the new demand; hence, there is not a single healthy food restaurant to be found throughout the entire city. ZeroFat targets to fill this gap and introduce a new type of the restaurant business. The restaurant’s owner, Mohammad AlHashmi, is not only a superb cook but also an overall champion in Men’s Physique; thus, he is no stranger to the healthy eating system. AlHashmi has always dreamt of making some positive contribution to his community. His new project is more than a typical restaurant facility – it is a chance to perform a radical lifestyle change. Thence, the restaurant’s menu will offer a great variety of meals accompanied with all sorts of nutrition facts. In addition, the service will likewise include the delivery of macros and other healthy elements. The restaurant is opening this year, and it welcomes all types of healthy-eaters to join the opening celebration. It is high time to get rid of the prejudices implying that healthy food is essentially not tasty. ZeroFat will open the doors to the new gastronomic planet that offers endless surprises and discoveries. The new dawn for the eating culture, ZeroFat Restaurant will make you return for a new portion of health again and again!