What aims does team ZeroFat target?

The main goal of this enterprise does not reside in commercial benefits. It is not even the restaurant service that AlHashmi wants to offer. The key aim of opening ZeroFat is a social change. The restaurant targets to reshape the people’s vision of healthy eating. It is also aimed at offering new healthy options that have been unavailable so far. Generally speaking, it is an attempt to fulfill the growing demand for the healthy lifestyle.

Why do you think ZeroFat will gain popularity with the locals?

I think it will be fair to claim that ZeroFat is a real gastronomic revolution, here, in Al-Ain. Thus, we have never had any restaurants of a similar type before. We think the locals will naturally get interested in trying an absolutely new concept. We can see that healthy lifestyle is very popular – more and more people start going to the gym, give up the unhealthy habits and so on. It is a shame that they have had no chance to fulfill their need for healthiness in the gastronomic sector. ZeroFat will fix the situation.

What is your target clientele?

There are no special criteria – ZeroFat will gladly welcome all the clients that share its vision of healthy living and eating. It is also essential to note that professional sportsmen and sports amateurs will be happy to discover the great variety of special options that ZeroFat offers. In fact, it is the first restaurant that will offer nutrient facts apart from the traditional meals. Anyway, ZeroFat is a nice chance to bring a fresh perspective in the local gastronomic market.