Team ZeroFat

Mohammad Alhashmi

IFBB Men's Physique Competitor and co-founder ZeroFat

Starting his professional career in 2015, Mohammad AlHashmi is an Emirati men's physique competitor with victories in multiple competitions including 2 golds and 2 championship titles at the NPC Blue Ridge US competition as well as consecutive wins at the Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic competition. Most recently, Mohammad was a competitor in, and won the gold medal, in the Arnold's Classic Ohio Men Physique in 2017. More than just a bodybuilder, Mohammad is a healthy food enthusiast and cook. It was this passion for healthy food that inspired him to open ZeroFat, a health food restaurant, to share with the world a menu that shows how food could be both healthy and delicious and how it can easily help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nika Krusic

IFBB Competitor and Fitness Performance

Niki has been involved in sports nearly her whole life and started on a professional path in 2008. Her first major professional event was a bodybuilding competition in 2011 which led to her fully pursuing a life dedicated to fitness and healthy living in the Middle East. Niki is proof positive that food, sports and health go hand in hand and offer a positive path for all, regardless of age, gender or existing level of experience. Niki believes in this and lives by the motto that, "Your body is meant to move forward; just like water it never stops.

Christofer Silva

Professional MMA fighter

As a professional MMA fighter and a black belt holder in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Christofer has had fights in the US, the Middle East and Brazil with an undefeated record. He has fought for prestigious organizations such as Desert Force and G Force. Christofer dedicates his life and time both personally and professionally to promoting healthy lifestyles as a lifestyle coach, and a personal fighting coach and is also the Gold’s Gym Ambassador in the UAE.

Mohammad Daraghmeh

IFBB Classic Bodybuilding Competitor

Mohammad is an amateur bodybuilder who started his career in 2010 as a response to his personal struggle with Type II Diabetes. After feeling lost and frustrated with this sickness he changed the course of his life by giving his energy to living a healthy lifestyle. Through discipline, dedication and commitment to better eating through a healthy diet, Mohammed is on his way to reversing his personal struggles while achieving his personal goals.

Tatiana Silva

WBFF Competitor

Tatiana Silva has held many titles, lawyer, personal trainer and mother, just to name a few, and is now on her way to a new title, professional bodybuilder. But it wasn’t too long ago that Tatiana was struggling with her weight and health, until she decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle that ended up changing her life and direction forever. Through this journey, she became a certified personal trainer, dropped weight and started working with personal coach Bueno. With the help of Bueno, who is responsible for Tatiana’s diet and training plans, and ZeroFat, who is responsible for her meal preps, Tatiana is a transformed woman on a path towards success.

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